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Clear View™ - The Freedom of Choice!

Hurricance Protection by design   Clear ViewWhether you are using our Retractable screen system for Doors & Windows or our Motorized Power System for Patios & Balconies, you will enjoy refreshingly cool breezes without the hassles or pesky insects. When in use, Clear View™ Retractable Screens provide ventilation while providing a clear view in and out; imagine no more unsightly storm doors or conventional screen doors to obstruct a beautiful entry. If you prefer privacy, Clear View™ Products also offers an option especially designed for you! All of our products are custom made so it can blend with the decor of any home, and its versatility allows it to fit most standard and oversized applications and thanks to its functionality it will supply shade from the sun and protection from pests while allowing for complete ventilation and enhanced privacy.


  • Individually Tailored
    Clear View™ Screens can be attractively mounted on or within practically any opening in your home
  • Professionally Installed
    Our friendly installers are knowledgeable about their products and can help you with any questions you may have concerning your new screen systems
  • Maintenance Free
    One of the greatest benefits of the Clear View™ Screen Systems is that it is virtually maintenance free. It does not discolor over time, no annual cleaning, no periodic need for replacement.
  • Child & Pet Resistant
    Clear View™ Screens are virtually indestructible. When the screen is pushed in it gives in to the pressure and then when the pressure is released the screen returns back to the taut position. So, no more fragile screens to worry about.
  • Design Features
    The unit's aluminum housing, pull bar and railings are chip and fade resistant because they are powder coated rather than spray painted. Our accessories are made of UL rated nylon and are UV resistant. They do not become brittle with the passage of time like ordinary plastic parts.
  • Durable Nylon Components
    Color matched, heat resistant, sturdy nylon caps, handles and guides will last a lifetime.
  • Ergonomic Handles
    Ergonomically designed handles provide sure grip and ease of deployment
  • Optional Insect Proof Railing
    Our specially designed insect proof railing keeps insects out so you can enjoy any space without bothersome pests.
  • Safety First!
    Our Patented Safe Glide™ Speed Reducer keeps loved ones and pets from harms way by slowing the screen when closing.
  • Color
    Our products are available in 9 Standard colors and a wide variety of custom colors.


All of Clear View™ Screen Systems are backed by a limited lifetime warranty!

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